Our mission is to ensure access to a full continuum of care of clinically appropriate alcohol and drug addiction treatment for all Ohioans.


Our work

The Ohio Alliance of Recovery Providers (OARP) is an organization made up of thrity-four addiction treatment providers, certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, whose members work together as a system to help clients move from active addiction to productive citizenship.

OARP works to increase access to treatment and develop a recovery-oriented system of care for all Ohioans. Through our professional networking and idea sharing, we have created a collective knowledge of best practices for optimal care and share this information with state and national legislators.

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OARP helps provide the collective voice for creating change and quality improvement to the field of Addiction Recovery. OARP harnesses the ability through advocacy to help develop and advance evidence-based practices that can ultimately improve care for the clients we serve.
— Carolyn Givens, Executive Director, Neil Kennedy Treatment Centers